2019 Recap

2019 has been a busy year for the team at CGI!

Ali Smith has completed his first year of service and has taken to the Chesterton brand like a duck to water. After a full on week of training in Perth with Michael Wachinger (our mechanical seal guru) Ali returned full of enthusiasm and determination to sell the very best Chesterton has to offer.  One of his current goals is to make customers who pump hot water (really hot water) aware of the actual costs of their current method of environmental controls using water to cool the mechanical seal faces. Ask Ali about the Chesterton 180H cartridge seal with HydroPad technology which allows for zero external cooling in many cases. The savings in lost energy alone using conventional cooling systems (such as Plan 21, 23 and 32) gives fast return on investment. Conversant in mechanical seals from single spring through to Gas Seals (Chesterton 4400 Gas Seal) he continues to assist customers with gland packing, gasketing and jointing enquiries and can offer his expertise with the Chesterton specialized lubricant range. Feel free to call on 0274244254.

Graham and Danielle have taken on Graham Williamson in Christchurch and it is great to have him and his vast industry knowldge on the team

Craig has moved! Now residing in Auckland, Craig and his wife Michele moved North in October for

family reasons. Not wanting to sit on his hands Craig has been offering North Island customers sales and support utilizing his 36 years selling Chesterton. His focus has been re establishing the Chesterton name in the North Island, working with the Pulp and Paper Industry in the Central North Island including Whakatane and the Kawerau regions. With the introduction of the Chesterton 2212 DualPac non staining mechanical gland packing ideally suited to refiners, FAN pumps and pulpers  engineers are seeing immediate improvement in gland management, meaning fewer gland adjustments. With many stuffing box glands now needing to be guarded to comply with Health and Safety requirements, maintenance staff are unable to adjust packing on the run, having to wait until the plant is down before attending to the packing. Ultimately the packing fails prematurely due to the required constant adjustment just not being done. This adds more cost not only in mechanical gland packing purchases but sleeve damage. Ultimately the excessive leakage from the gland enters the bearing housing causing premature bearing failure.

Engineers are also looking at ways to stop gland leakage completely, and Chesterton now have the 442C Split Seal to replace conventional gland packing. This cartridge type fully split mechanical seal combined with the SpiralTrac Bushing gland flush can be reduced by up to 90%! With clean flush water costs of around 45c/cubic metre common in the industry, pay backs are often within 12 months. And this ROI doesn’t include the savings in sleeves and bearings and of course un planned downtime.

These savings are not restricted to the Pulp and Paper Industry, but all major industry in New Zealand, from HydroPower to the Dairy Industry.

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