Boiler servicing

Whilst winter can be a quiet time for many industries, for others, it is when the reliability team ramp up their activities and concentrate on their annual maintenance. Whether your industry is primary/ secondary or added value, more often than not you will have a steam boiler that needs to be stripped, maintained, professionally inspected then re-assembled for the start of your new season.

This is where CGI Industrial Solutions can help! We offer a complete boiler gasket survey when your boiler is stripped down. This means we are invited into the boiler house and work with your staff or contractor to measure all the steam flanges, valves, pumps, and manhole/hand holes, and main doors. This information is then recorded on our database. This boiler overhaul list includes all relevant information such as the class of flange E.g.: Table H or Table E, ANSI or DIN Flanges. (no two boilers are created the same, and many have a varied list of flanges from various countries.)

Each pump and valve are also identified and measured. Gland packings are replaced each shut, and we offer pre-cut sets of Chesterton 1400R pump and valve packing alongside the pre-cut Chesterton 459 graphite gaskets.

With a full range of standard ANSI, and Table Spiral Wound Gaskets ex stock Christchurch, and our experienced team on hand to manufacture Spiral Wound Gaskets to order, bulk rubber sheeting and fiberglass products, we have your boiler covered.

All this is supplied labeled (so you know exactly where the gasket should go) in packaging to protect your “kit”.

By having your own pre-cut Boiler Kit, you will save time by not having to cut your own gaskets, with no wastage of bulk gasket sheets.

Feel free to call either Graham or Craig for details.

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