Calling all those in the following Essential New Zealand Industries:

Food Processing (including Meat Processing)

Beverage and Bottling Plants

Pulp and Paper

Timber, MDF or Laminate

Waste Water Plants

Ship Load /Unload Facilities.

Do you have Chains, Conveyors, Cables, Gear Drives that fail due to lubricants being washed out and corrosion from the very products you use to clean your plants? Failures that cost your company in lost time production and spare parts.

720 CCG Industrial Lubricant

As the Exclusive NZ distributors for the range of Chesterton products we welcome you to the Pre-release of Chesterton 720 CCG (that’s Chain, Cable and Gear) a High Performance Synthetic based lubricant developed for use in extreme pressure and wear equipment, with high corrosion and water resistance, that is self-adhering and NON dripping.

720 CCG Applications – 1

Chesterton 720 CCG has been developed to suit plant wide standardisation on chains, cables and gears with 1 shot to replace ineffective mineral oil-based lubricants and is available in bulk 20 litre/208 litre containers for easy application using your existing lubrication systems.

Contact us now to register for the official release of Chesterton 720CCG, via our Facebook page, or our website or just call us:

Graham 021323595

Alistair 0274244254

Craig 0274323594.

720 Chain Cable Gear Lubricant

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