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CGI Industrial Solutions are very pleased to announce that we are now official distributors of the Chesterton range of products throughout New Zealand. This means that we can service North Island clients looking for a reliable source of all Chesterton products including Pump and Valve Packing, mechanical seals which include the Chesterton 442 Split Seal, Hydraulic and Pneumatic seals manufactured from the self- lubricating A W Chesterton 800 and 860 high temperature polymers well known in industry for its excellent performance.

Our range of Industrial lubricants includes 723 Sprasolvo, 601 Chain Drive Pin and Bush and 715 Spraflex. Need Chesterton 860 Moldable Polymer Gasketing?

Another advantage of now being able to source Chesterton products in the North and South Islands is access to our range of pre-cut gaskets. From our Christchurch facility we can produce pre-cut boiler gaskets kits from the Chesterton 459 Graphite range of gasketing. We are also able to offer gaskets out of Rubber, Teflon and Transformer Cork. We offer prompt production of your gasket/jointing requirements right here in New Zealand.

Both Graham and Craig are excited to be able to help North Island industry in the future. Call Graham on 021323595 or Craig on 0274323594. With 60 years of Chesterton experience between us we can certainly help. Feel free to visit our web page for product details.

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