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Call me old fashioned, but after 30 years in the field selling Chesterton products, I am afraid I have become quite set in my ways. To a lesser degree, so is Graham (set in his ways that is) because we still believe that if our customers are number one and if they should need help with sealing devices or lubricants or maybe coating that pump to protect it from corrosion, we should be there when they want us.

In 1984 Chesterton released an upmarket pump appropriately named System One. This was the result of many years looking at why centrifugal pumps fail prematurely, which in the majority of cases, was through either seal failure or bearing failure or more often than not both! It was a fantastic addition to our range, and many customers throughout NZ bought into low maintenance pumping, with great reliability and efficiency.

System One mirrors the effort Chesterton put into all their products whether patented self aligning mechanical seals through to nickel bound graphite sheet jointing (gasketing). Which reminds me of the hassles we all went through many years ago when we HAD to change from asbestos to synthetic jointing. Who remembers asbestos gasketing? I can see the hands going up now, why? Because it never failed! Suddenly we were faced with using fillers other than tried and true asbestos, with very mixed success.

Hail to Chesterton 459 Graphite Gasket sheet with a nickel binder (not stainless steel – ask us why), even better than asbestos.

Now, not everyone wants to buy a full sheet of jointing, many want pre-cut gaskets for ease of maintenance and less waste. This is why Graham and Danielle have invested in a purpose built facility in Rolleston Christchurch with machines that give them the ability to cut and supply just about any gasket you may need. Add to this that they are investing in a spiral wound gasket machine which is soon to arrive (watch this space) and where else would you go for all your pre-cut and spiral wound gasket supplies?

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