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During the lockdown period, we have been fortunate to be entertained by the Chesterton University with regular webinars delivered to the members of CGI Industrial and other distributors around the Pacific basin. Presented directly from Boston the home of Chesterton at 11.30pm their time (the day before)  1pm our time in New Zealand, and 9am in Perth WA.

The presenters are all experienced Chesterton product managers who would normally deliver these seminars personally, however due to the restrictions thanks to Covid-19, we now have a wealth of presentations to share with our customers.

Gearbox and bearing problems were covered with plenty of case studies in industry using the full range of Chesterton replacement bearing protection. One highlight for me was the release of the new Chesterton Matrix Seal for badly worn shaft sealing from the use of conventional lip seals (the root of the problem). Being in split form, the Matrix Seal can be fitted quickly without equipment disassembly, saving valuable oil leakage but more importantly, minimal down time!

Mechanical seals were covered in depth also, from the Chesterton 442C split cartridge seal for rotary equipment to the 4400 Gas Seal for reliable sealing in oil terminal pumps using air or gas cooling. This means our customers can do away with expensive and unreliable heat exchangers (sometimes the environmental controls are more expensive than the seal itself).

Water and Wastewater plants were not forgotten either, with presentations on potable water compliant coatings to improve pump flow efficiency, and tank coatings, damaged by corrosion/erosion in sewage service. Rather than tank replacement, surfaces can be grit blasted to ensure adhesion, and spray coated with several types of protective coatings depending on the application.

The relaunch of the Chesterton 11K Hydraulic seal for piston rods was accompanied by case histories from industry where damaged and badly worn equipment, the 11K seals come standard split, therefore no need for disassembly. Typically installed to replace parachute/chevron style hydraulic seals, Chesterton 11K needs no adjustment during service and is suitable for new and worn equipment.

Feel free to give us a call for more details.

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