Gland Packing

Types of Gland Packing:

  • Pump Packing
  • Valve Packing
  • Multi-Purpose Packing
  • Injectable Packing
  • Spiraltrac
  • Sootblower Sealing
  • Valve Live Loading
Industrial Gland Packing Roll - CGI Industrial Solutions

Pump Packing

Pump packing is ideal for the controlled leakage required for certain applications. CGI Industrial Solutions distributes the Chesterton range, which offers extensive applications expertise in pump packing solutions for rotating equipment.

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Valve Packing

Valve stem packing plays a critical role in overall valve performance. Reducing or eliminating process leakage is critical not only to process performance, but also to employee safety, regulatory compliance, and profitability.

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Multi-Purpose Packing

The Chesterton range of mechanical packing products we distribute can be used for both valve and pump sealing applications. By utilizing one packing style for pumps and valves these multi-purpose packings simplify inventory requirements and reduce costs.

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Injectable Packing

Injectable packing fills the stuffing box to create a seal. These packings are not braided but more like a hybrid between a solid and a liquid.

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The SpiralTrac™ Environmental Controller is an exclusive, patented throat bushing. It is specially engineered to transform and control the internal stuffing box environment in rotating process equipment, to reduce downtime and extend equipment life.

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Sootblower Sealing

A sootblower is a device for removing the soot that is deposited on the furnace tubes of a boiler during combustion. Soot buildup can reduce efficiency and poses a fire hazard. Short packing life is the primary cause of failure.  

Valve Live Loading

Live Loading provides more stored gland load and longer life on the packing set.