How to Handle Hot Water !!

Introducing the Chesterton 1810/2810 Modular Cartridge Seal.

Are you in “Hot Water” with your boiler feed, condensate and heat recovery pumps? Do you have an unreliable cooling water supply? Are you tired of the energy losses from these cooling water systems? And do you have regular seal failures in hot, vaporizing processes?

The answer may well be the Chesterton 1810H cartridge seal with HydroPad technology to reliably seal these problem pumps. Built on the Chesterton AXIUS modular platform which allows you to tailor the seal to each specific application whilst using a universal base. This means each seal can be customized quickly and easily to suit your application. And with spare parts kits readily available you are able to upgrade during a seal overhaul without having to buy a new seal.

The Chesterton 1810H is suitable for a wide range of pumps with shaft diameters including 33, 35 and 38mm through to 120mm, and the XL range extends through to 200mm.

Pressure to 40 bar g and temperatures up to 300 deg C (depending on elastomers used) and applicable standards and approvals ISO-3069C, ASME B73.2, NSF-61.

If you want your mechanical seal to incorporate all 5 Key Seal Design Features,

  1. Balanced design
  2. Non-fretting
  3. Monolithic Seal Faces
  4. Stationary Design
  5. Protected Springs

The call us to discuss the Chesterton 1810/2810.

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