Hydro Split Mechanical Seals

Chesterton 442 Split Seals on Francis Vane Hydro Turbine Shafts

CGI Industrial Solutions are pleased to announce the arrival into New Zealand of the Chesterton 442 Split Seal for the Hydro Generation Industry. We are now able to offer a new but well tested sealing option for your Francis Vane Vertical and Horizontal Turbines. Traditional sealing of these turbine shafts has focussed on using segmented carbon seals and plastic/urethane water energised lip seals, both of which have poor performance in dirty water applications such as flooded river feeds and volcanic ash laden water supplies. These applications can cause premature seal failure and worse, shaft or sleeve wear, requiring frequent high labour-based replacements.

The Chesterton 442 Hydro Split Seal changes the way we now look at Turbine Sealing particularly from shaft sizes 200mm +. These large easy to install fully split mechanical seals when fitted to an adaptor plate on your head cover, utilize Hard Face combinations for dirty water, ball and socket O Rings (no gluing required) and are fully hydraulically balanced to operate in higher penstock head pressure applications. Flush water requirements are a fraction of that used on traditional sealing systems.

The CGI team of Graham, Craig and Alistair have recently fitted the first unit in the North Island on a 270mm shaft which has now been successfully operating for 5 months. We would be happy to share the many applications from around the world where the Chesterton 442 Hydro Split Seals have saved many hours and many thousands of dollars in down time and lost production.

Call Graham 021323595, Craig 0274323594 or Ali 0274244254 for further details.

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