Industrial Lubricants

Industrial Lubricants & Maintenance Specialties

CGI Industrial offers solutions that lower operating costs, optimize processes, emphasize prevention, and improve reliability. We are Industrial lubricant distributors, distributing Chesterton lubricants to help you with all your industrial needs. Contact us today for all our industrial lubricants and services. 



Industrial Lubricants

Around 64% of bearing failures are caused by insufficient or improper lubrication. We distribute Chesterton’s range of high-performance lubricants that take this concern off the table. The advanced greases, oils, and automated dispensing systems are engineered to increase bearing life reliability, as well as lower maintenance and operating costs. For more on Chesterton’s range of Industrial Lubricants. Industrial Lubricants - CGI Industrial Solutions

Industrial Lubricant Maintenance Specialties

Chesterton’s family of industrial MRO chemicals are engineered to support primary maintenance functions to increase overall plant reliability. These high-performance maintenance technologies include:

  • Anti Seize Compounds
  • Rust Penetrating Oils
  • Belt Dressing
  • Corrosion Control.

Products are engineered to provide short- and long-term protection of plant equipment and are available in thin- and thick-film, corrosion-preventing compounds. Selection includes products that provide long-term but removable corrosion protection. For more on Chesterton’s range of MRO Chemicals.



Metal Working Fluids

Chesterton metalworking fluids are designed to minimize friction in the metal removal process, lowering heat generation and tool wear, while improving productivity and part quality.