Industry solutions

Scored Rods? Worn and leaking hydraulic cylinders?

Sick of adjusting chevron/parachute packing- sets to control leakage?

How often does industry face these problems that require a full strip down of the failed equipment during operation resulting in that dreaded word “downtime” which results in lost production, and potentially lost orders?

What if we were to tell you that you can cut off your existing packing set in situ, and install a Chesterton 11K EZ Stack Dual component gland set without disassembly, and without any ongoing adjustments?

The Chesterton 11K is a single-acting, two piece split stacked set that employs a negative rake lip profile to optimize operating performance while easing installation into the stuffing box cavity. The unique, split design, made up of two components, eliminates the need for equipment disassembly and shimming and is recommended for use in new or used equipment. The bottom ring is the primary sealer (AWC825 Blue) while the top ring (AWC800 Maroon) provides secondary sealing and works as an anti-extrusion ring.

The Chesterton 11K Dual component hydraulic seal is custom machined to your stuffing box dimensions for the correct fit.

Daiken Press application here.

Existing applications include Servo Motors and head gate seals in the Hydro Electric power industry, jack and main rams in fibreboard MDF press applications, extrusion presses. Suitable for oil and water applications. Ask us for our list of case studies related to your industry.

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