The Challenge

A heating plant in the Czech Republic had difficulties sealing a double-ended pump. The customer was using a standard mechanical packing set to seal against the water with suspended particles. The packing set had to be replaced every two months because of excessive leakage. As the media was abrasive, the two shaft sleeves had to be replaced each year. 

Application Details:

EquipmentCentrifugal PumpMediumWater with Particles

The Chesterton Solution


Scope of Work:

Chesterton recommended the use of two Super-Sets consisting of 1830SSP packing combined with two SpiralTrac environmental control bush-ings made from Carbon Filled PTFE. A split design was used to avoid equipment disassem-bly. Style 1830 SSP was chosen because of it’s ability to withstand abrasive media and it’s capacity to dissipate frictional heat. The pumps have now been in service for two years without the need for maintenance, saving the customer significant expenses on maintenance, packing material and shaft sleeves. 

Why Use Chesterton SuperSets? 

  • Reduces flush water consumption
  • Increases equipment MTBR
  • Reduces shaft wear