The Challenge

A chemical plant in the Netherlands which produces raw materials for use in the body care industry was experiencing major problems with the sealing reliability of their Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers. In operation the Shell and Tube heat ex-changers are subjected to constant temperature cycling, and even with a preventative maintenance plan in place premature failure could not be avoided. 

Chemical Plant

Application Details:

EquipmentHeat ExchangersDimensions586 x 614 mm gaskets M20 Bolts
MediumSteam/Water and Various chemicals
Pressure20 barTemperature220°C

The Chesterton Solution


Scope of Work:

The Customer installed a Steel Trap gasket with PTFE sealing elements and live loaded the ex-changer. The Exchanger works without issues however the Steel Trap is changed yearly for preventive maintenance. The Flange Discs are re-used. The Exchanger has never failed since it’s commissioning. 

The first exchanger was installed in 2007 and because of it’s good performance 3 more exchangers have been converted since then. 

Chesterton Steel Trap™ Gasket – style 5500 
Chesterton Steel Trap™ Gasket – style 5500 

Why Use Chesterton Steel Trap™ Gaskets? 

  • High temperature and pressure capability 
  • Guaranteed low leakage & fugitive emissions performance