We live and breath Chesterton

Who would have thought 15 years ago Graham Gillespie and I would still be in business in 2013? With the demise of the then NZ distributor for Chesterton, we decided to take on the South Island, Graham north and me south of the mighty Waitaki river. Graham’s background was as a mechanical engineer before Chesterton and mine was well, pretty much pumps before Chesterton.

Chestersouth CGI was actually born from a meeting held in 1992 at Lake Tekapo where Graham and his wife (and a 2 week old baby named Julie) joined my wife Michele and I (and our two kids) at a crib (yes a crib) where we formed the “bones” of our company. Graham was to be based in Christchurch and I in Gore in Southland.

We both live and breath Chesterton. I know that may sound a little corny, however with 50 years service to Chesterton between us, what else should you expect?

So, what does the name change to CGI Industrial Solutions mean for you the customer? For some of you, maybe not much more than the regular hassling we give you, for others it means we can now supply much more than the leading Chesterton brand. We can now offer almost everything in boiler survey spares, from gauge glass to fibreglass ladder tape to lagging to glass cones to packing sleeves, spiral wound gaskets, machined polymers, you could almost name it and we can supply!

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