Mechanical Seals

Mechanical Seal Types:

  • Split Mechanical Seals
  • Cartridge Mechanical Seals
  • Slurry Mechanical Seals
  • Bellows Mechanical Seals
  • Seal Support Systems
  • Component Mechanical Seals
  • Spiraltrac

Split Mechanical Seals

CGI Industrial Solutions distributes the Chesterton range of split mechanical seals. Chesterton is the world leader in split mechanical seal technology. Its innovative split seals have been used to seal thousands of process-critical pieces of rotating equipment with exceptional results.

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Cartridge Mechanical Seals

Offering easy installation, cartridge seals are ideal for plant-wide standardization. Chesterton’s cartridge offerings include exclusive, patented features such as self-centering lock rings and adjustable gland tabs.

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Slurry Mechanical Seals

A unique non-clog design for maximum shaft motion without hang-up as well as flush-free service for a wide range of slurries.

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Bellows Mechanical Seals

Chesterton provides a variety of Bellows Mechanical Seal design options, including single and dual designs for high-temperature and chemical applications.

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Seal Support Systems

Chesterton Sealing Support Systems include seal support tanks, flowmeters, environmental controllers, and other assorted products.

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Component Mechanical Seals

Chesterton advanced rotary seals offer a replaceable, low-cost sealing option, while providing quality and reliability.

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This is installed with Mechanical Seals/Packing for the effective removal of solids and improved cooling.

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