The Rust Buster

One of the very first Chesterton products I was introduced to was 723 Sprasolvo, a product proclaimed to be the best penetrating oil in the world. A very bold claim you would think, however as time went on I came to accept that this was not just a Chesterton boast, but rather as an engineer or fitter was introduced to it, it became a very important tool in their own “toolkit”

Rusted bolts, nuts, chains so stiff with corrosion due to lack of lubrication, if you gave Chesterton 723 Sprasolvo a shot for 10 minutes while you had smoko, I guarantee that if it hadn’t penetrated and broken down the corrosion bond and made things “work” again, the only option left available was the gas axe!

OK, 723 Sprasolvo does not start wet engines, nor does it dewater your mower carb but nothing can do all these things well and still be a good penetrating oil. Chesterton 723 is the best penetrating oil in the world, after 33 years with Chesterton, my customers still tell me that! Call either Graham (who has 22 years experience) or I to give you a demo.

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