Warman Slurry pump

Graham and I have recently returned from one of our regular trips to Fiji where we call on the Sugar Mills and the Gold Mines on the main island of Viti Levu. Many of you will think we really go there on holiday however I assure you, this is far from the truth. These industries are somewhat different than those we call on in NZ however often they use similar pumps when transporting fluids.

The most common pump we encounter is the incredibly reliable Warman Slurry pump, used both in sugar production and gold recovery.

The challenge for our Fiji clients is to get a reasonable gland packing life and in one plant the average packing set life was a shift, that being 10 hours! So every shift change required a packing change, and also sleeve replacement at regular intervals. The cost to the client is gland packing and sleeves was horrendous before they took into account premature bearing failure from the leaking glands.

In the Warman applications we have been involved with within Fiji, we have helped the engineers dramatically increase packing life and we are seeing months of life between packing changes, not hours.

If you have less than acceptable gland and sleeve life, talk to us about Chesterton 1730 MillPack and the SpiralTrac Bush combination, or better still upgrade to the Chesterton 442 Split Seal and the SpiralTrac!

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